What can you localize with PicPaw?






Work smarter, Not harder

Posters and instructions

Select the text that needs to be translated and get the language you want immediately

Journals & Papers

Understand the content with machine translation, perfect your work with our in-built editor

Extract text from scanned copy

Identify blurry texts accurately with our AI algorithm

Read comics quickly

You can read your favorite comics and translate them into your preferred language here without knowing it


Dedicated to images, making it easier, faster and better for you to work with all images

Automatic translation for a dozen languages

The recognition rate of OCR is up to 95%

Automatic source text removal

Translate Images from one language to another in a few seconds

Suitable for all people of all ages to operate, easy to use and understand

The best image translation tool

Perfectly translates and replaces the original text, without affecting the picture quality at all.

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Personalize your translated text

Text font, size, and color can be edited. If want the exact same effect as the original text, we can do it.

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Not only Image translation

All kinds of documents, graphs, posters and cartoons can be translated.

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