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Business Scene
Diverse businesses, one solution

Translate business posters to reach audiences overseas

Instantly translate text selected within your image into a score of languages

Read Scientific Journals and Academic Writings in PDF

Understand the content with machine translation, perfect your work with our in-built editor

Extract Text from Scanned Images

Identify blurry texts accurately with our AI algorithm

Self-translating Comics

Read comics from all over the world, even if you're monolingual (and has zero knowledge in Photoshop)
Free to Use
Designed specifically for images, allowing you to handle all image easier faster better

Recognition rate for OCR as high as 95%

Automatic translations for over a dozen languages

Clear source texts automatically

Free to Use

Even if it's a blurry scan, texts can still be identified and extracted

Edit machine translated texts muanually when it is unsatisfactory Mix-and-match font types, sizes, colors, and backgrounds

Select the text within the image to erase it in a second Make your edits look like the original with our self-patching background

For Enterprises
An online collaborative cloud platform that unlocks the potential of image translation productivity / Business-tier plans able to support hundreds of members working at once
  • Cloud-based platform that supports multi-user collaboration
    • Upload the image once to use it infinitely
    • Say goodbye to file-hosting, for everything is now on the cloud
    • No more messy PSDs
    • Translation, Proofreading, Typesetting, and Editing — tying everyone together with a single workflow
    Extract text and mend colors with our AI algorithm
    • One-click to completely extract source text from the source material
    • Use our AI to repair background colors with high fidelity
    • Work on your projects even when you're not with your computer
    Perfect syncing with edits saved offline
    • Import your offline scripts into the system for automatic typeset
    • Accurately mark areas for offline detailed editing; we import seamlessly into Photoshop
    • Automatically match keywords with the glossary to ensure translation consistency
    A partner of established businesses, we support the promotion of local comics overseas

    will revolutionize
    the way we translate images.