Shipping Policy

1. How to make payment?

Our product is plan base. Please select any plan and click "purchase now" to accomplish “describe”. After you finish whole payment process, you will receive confirmation, and the plan will success immediately.

2. How long the plan will success, after the payment is accomplished?

Generally, it will arrive within 1 ~ 3 minutes. If it does not success within 5 minutes, please contact the customer service. [email protected]

3. Where can check your plan situation?

On top of papaw website, click” Subscribe!”, all of your usage will show it.

4. What is our payment method?

PayPal has only accepted. Here is a reminder that if your payment does not go through on your first order, please contact PayPal service. If it is charged incorrectly, it cannot be changed and return in the same way within 3-7 business days. If you have further question, contact us ([email protected]).